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Washer and Dryer Repair Melrose MA

For washer and dryer repair, Melrose, MA home and business owners prefer the services of CS Appliance Service. Our company has been providing high quality workmanship and customer service for laundry appliance repair since 1983. As an appliance specialist, we also handle repair work for many other major household appliances, including dishwashers, stoves, and ovens. If something in your home isnt acting quite right, contact us for some professional troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Washer and Dryer Repair Melrose, MA Keeps Your Laundry Soft

A dryer that isnt behaving properly can destroy clothes and linens. You could try hanging your laundry out to dry, but there an easier way to get back to your laundry routine. Call our team at CS Appliance Service. Our certified technicians understand dryer repair in Melrose, MA and can help you determine the best course of action for your machine. We handle all major brands and models, so we can help you with a range of problems you might be experiencing.

With our 24/7 emergency services, we will even come out at night and on weekends if necessary. Dryer malfunctioning can often indicate a fire hazard as well as an inconvenience. Remedying the situation quickly can prevent the likelihood of a fire.

Washer and Dryer Repair Melrose, MA That Tells It Like It Is

At CS Appliance Service, we want to become your first choice for dryer repair in Melrose, MA. To do that, we believe honesty is the best policy. When you get in touch with us, we ll let you know if the problem you are experiencing could be an indicator of a larger systemic problem or if its just a minor annoyance. When we send out a technician, we ll perform diagnostics and confirm the root of the problem. We always provide upfront pricing, and we ll waive the service call fee for approved repairs. If it makes more sense for you to replace your product than repair it, we ll let you know.

Experienced Washer and Dryer Repair Melrose, MA

As a company that been servicing appliances since the early 1980s, we have the expertise you can rely on to get the job done efficiently. Whether its a minor or a major repair, we ll have your appliance back in top shape in no time. Call us when you re ready to learn more about our services in dryer repair. Melrose, MA residents can reach us at (781) 953-9600.

When Its Time For Washer And Dryer Repair Melrose, MA

When it comes time for washer and dryer repair, Melrose, MA residents know that its better to call in the experts than fix it themselves and risk breaking their washer or dryer further. Here are some common washer and dryer repairs Melrose, MA residents encounter:

  • The machine doesnt turn on. A washer or dryer can stop receiving power for a couple reasons. It could be issues with the outlets, circuit breakers, or issues with the mechanical timers and knobs. The motor could also be overheated from repeated, frequent use. In some cases, a thermal fuse or thermostat could be broken or misfiring. In any case, dont risk harming yourself trying to deal with electrical issues!
  • The machine doesnt spin. Nine times out of 10, this just means a belt is loose and/or broken. It could also mean the doors arent closed correctly (meaning the machine doesnt think the doors are closed), or in rare cases, the mechanics need repair not unlike a car: the transmission could be the culprit.
  • The dryer doesnt get hot. Dryers need enough air flowing through in order to get hot. If something blocking the flow of air, that could be why it wont heat up. But, it could also be an electrical issue with the igniter or thermal fuse. Again, do not risk electrical shock by trying to fix this issue without the proper training, tools and assistance!

Regular Maintenance To Reduce Washer And Dryer Repair Melrose, MA

At CS Appliance Service, we want your washer and dryer to function properly 100% of the time. We never want you to need washer and dryer repair. Melrose, MA residents can attest that breakdowns do happen, though. But, to keep your machines in top shape most of the time, follow these tips:

  • Clean out the dryer lint trap before every use. All of that lint makes your dryer take longer to heat up and dry clothes through and through, which can lead to overheating.
  • Check your pockets for paper, loose change, pens any loose items and take them out.
  • Only use one dryer sheet per cycle. A dryer sheet waxy outer layer can actually clog your dryer over time.
  • Dont overload the dryer with more clothes than it can handle. You may think drying two loads of clothes at once saves you time, but it actually takes the dryer more time and energy to tackle a double load. Trust, stick to one load at a time and you wont be any less efficient.
  • Only dry your clothes and textiles. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but materials that dont belong plastic, rubber foam sneak their way in every so often. Dont risk breaking your dryer for a material that can easily be air dried.

About CS Appliance Service

Cliff Scimone has owned and operated CS Appliance Service and served the greater Boston area since 1983. Under Cliff steadfast leadership, CS Appliance Service is focused on providing high-quality appliance repair and committed to providing customers with reliable and honest service. Specialties include: washing machine repair (both gas and electric), clothes dryer repair (also both gas and electric), fridge repair, freezer repair, dishwasher repair, stove and oven repair (gas and electric) and garbage disposal repair. CS Appliance is also a member of the Better Business Bureau. We service most major consumer brands, including GE, Maytag, Frigidaire and Whirlpool. A broken appliance is more than just an inconvenience. Its a disruption to you and your family. Let us help you get back on track!

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