With the holidays behind us, the hustle and bustle of the season is finally over and we are settling back into our normal routines.  But, how did the holidays work for you?  If you were hosting a party or event, did your appliances perform as they should?  We tend to overload our refrigerator with holiday goodness making it work extra hard to keep items cool.  We also use our oven quite a bit in many cases, so how did your oven hold up?

If you found that the oven wasn’t performing up to par, you may be in need of an oven repair service.  Here are a few problems that commonly occur with ovens:

Temperature malfunction:  If your oven sensor is broken, your internal temperature will not read correctly, thus over or undercooking your food.  Another cause to the oven temperature not reading accurately could be located on the oven control board.  Both problems are easily fixed with new parts, but in the meantime, you may want to spend a few dollars on a thermometer that can sit within your oven.

Food that cooks unevenly:  Many times uneven cooking occurs because the oven was not preheated for the correct amount of time, or an item was thawed incorrectly.  At CS Appliance Service, we suggest allowing your oven to preheat for an additional five minutes after the preheat cycle.  This will ensure that the internal temperature is at its desired level.

Error codes:  Newer oven models are more computerized than older models.  The benefit of these technological advancements is that it makes diagnosing the problem much easier.  The downside is finding a reputable company that is able to handle any make or model to perform repairs.  Luckily, we are experienced in all models of ovens, new and old.

Smoking or burning smells:  The likely cause of smoke in an oven or the burnt odor that permeates through your home is old food in the bottom of the oven.  Using the self-cleaning option will take care of this problem in most cases.  Once your oven is clean, line the bottom of the appliance with aluminum foil so you can simply toss it out when it gets dirty.  If the oven is clean but the odor or smoke persists, stop using the oven immediately and call an Oven Repair company like CS Appliance Service.

Even without the extra time the holidays had us laboring over the stove and oven, these appliances can break down occasionally.  When that happens, simply give our Oven Repair crew a call at 781-953-9600.  We can work with any brand and will have your oven running as it should in no time.  For more useful oven and appliance tips, follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CSApplianceService/.